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Features And Benefits

• Packaged to fit on today’s low space jobsites
• Capacity to clean 300 gpm (1,136 lpm) of heavy backreamed fluid
• Utilizes a single Derrick ® FLC-504TM Linear Motion Shaker with patented Pyramid Plus Screens
• Standard 90kW generator with the option of a 135kW upgrade for offboard drill cabins
• Maintain 1/2% sand or less in the cone overflow
• Tank agitation prevents solids settling in each tank compartment

M-300D Performance Specifications

Power Train
Generator Set Gen-Tech 90kW is standard. Optional Upgrade to a 135kW.
Fuel Capacity 80 U.S. Gallons (302 L)


Operating Controls
Pendant for offload (supercharge) start/stop
Pit pump pendant/control start/stop


Mud Pumps
Centrifugal Pumps 250 series with mechanical seal and 25 hp motors
Cone Supply & Agitation 3 in x 4 in with 10.5 in Impeller
Mud Mix & Agitation 3 in x 4 in with 10.5 in Impeller
Offload & Agitation 3 in x 4 in with 9 in Impeller


Cleaning System
Derrick ® FLC-504TM Linear Motion Shaker (1) 4 panel with 46.0 ft2 (4.3 m2) non-blank screen area
Shaker Screens Included (2) API 60 Derrick PMD+ (pyramid plus)
  (1) API 50 Derrick PMD+ (pyramid plus)
  (1) API 140 Derrick PMD+ (pyramid plus)
1st Cut Shaker Cleaning Capacity up to 300 U.S. gal. (1135 L)/min
Desilting Cones (5) 5 in. (127 mm) desilter hydrocyclones
Desilting Capacity up to 400 U.S. gal. (1,514 L)/min


Total Tank Capacity 3,100 U.S. gal. (11,735 L)
Screen Tank 1,800 U.S. gal. (6,814 L)
Cleaning Fluid/Mixing Tank 1,300 U.S. gal. (4,921 L)


  • Anti-slip walkways with hand rails and kick plates
  • Ladder with anti-slip treads
  • Emergency shutdown switch on operator control panel
  • Electrical grounding stake and cable
  • Work lights: (4) 24 V DC LED; 2 mounted on front light post 2 magnetic base mounted


Dimensions (Can vary depending on configuration)
Length 22 ft. 6 in. (6.9 m) without trailer. 27 ft. 3 in. (8.3 m) with trailer.
Height 10 ft (3.05 m) without trailer. 13 ft. (3.96 m) with trailer.


Weights (Can vary depending on configuration)
Total Weight 22,000 lbs. without trailer. 28,600 lbs. with trailer.